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Created on 1 august. 2011

Code author: jhkwakkel <j.h.kwakkel (at) tudelft (dot) nl>

Code author: chamarat<c.hamarat(at) tudelft (dot) nl>

This module offers functionality for creating interactive graphs. There are currently two types of interactive graphs: a line graph and a scatter plot.

In both cases, you can select a run and see the experiment that generated that run. The selected run is highlighted, and if there are other outcomes of interests, the results for the selected run are also highlighted in those graphs.

interactive_graphs.make_interactive_plot(results, outcomes=[], type='lines')

Function that makes an interactive plot. The interactive plots assume time series data.

  • results – the results as returned by perform_experiments()
  • type – type of plot. Currently there is an interactive line plot and an interactive scatter plot. Possible values are ‘lines’ and ‘scatter’.