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Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Delft University of Technology is a modern university with a rich tradition. Founded in 1842, Delft University of Technology is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive technical university in the Netherlands. lts eight faculties are among the topmost of technological development, contributing to scientific advancement in the interests of society. TU Delft is ranked among the top universities of technology in the world (15th in THES 2009). The university recognises valorisation of knowledge as an important part of its strategy and maintains close links with private and public organisations, a strategic alliance beneficial for the relevance of its research, academic programmes and career prospects for its graduates. TU Delft is also a member of the prestigious IDEA league of five leading engineering universities in Europe (TU Delft, lmperial College London, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen and ParisTech).

Policy Analyis Section

The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology focuses on sustainable solutions for social problems in which technology plays an important role. The Policy Analysis section is part of the Multi-Actor Systems department. The Policy Analysis section aims to develop, or better use, both qualitative as well as quantitative methods and techniques for the planning, execution, and evaluation of (adaptive) policy in complex multi-stakeholder environments under (deep) uncertainty.

PA Simulation Lab

Several Members of the Policy Analysis section working on System Dynamics Modelling and Simulation and Exploratory Modelling and Analysis do so as core members of the PA Simulation Lab. Thesis students join the lab on a temporary basis during their thesis thesis research.

Main model-based areas of expertise of the Policy Analysis section include (see Research):

Although most members of the lab are methodologists, they also regularly apply their methods in a variety of application domains, such as energy, mobility, water management, spatial development, and (inter)national safety and security.

Publicly available simulations of the PA Simulation Lab (often related to education) can be found on the simulation pages. Many recent Publications are available online too. And unclassified information related to current and recent research projects can be found on the Research Projects pages.

The Policy Analysis section of Delft University of Technology also has the largest System Dynamics Education programme in the world in terms of new System Dynamicists trained and is leading in terms of its System Dynamics education approaches.

Exploratory Modeling and Analysis Team

The PA Simulation Lab members actively working on advancing Exploratory Modeling and Analsys and Exploratory System Dynamics Modeling and Analyss are grouped in the EMA Team.

The core of the EMA Team consists of:

Associated members include:

External Organisations Hosted by the PA Simulation Lab

The web pages of the Benelux Chapter of the System Dynamics Society and the Health Policy SIG of the System Dynamics Society are hosted by the PA Simulation Lab.