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Summer School information:

  • The summer school venue is the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Jaffalaan 5, 2628BX Delft, the Netherlands. This is the same venue as the PhD colloquium and the post-ISDC workshops days. Registration opens on Wednesday at 8am. The summer school starts at 8:30am.
  • Most hotels are about 15-20 minutes on foot from the summer school venue.
  • Lunches are included. Dinner on Wednesday evening is included too.
  • This summer school is jointly organized by the System Dynamics Society and the TU Delft Graduate School and is hosted at Delft University of Technology's faculty of Technology, Policy and Management by the Multi-Actor Systems Department and the Benelux Chapter of the System Dynamics Society.
  • Software will be provided. There will be a few laptops available in each of the rooms. Note however that it is wise to bring your own laptop.
  • Online communication channels for summer school related information are: this web site, the System Dynamics Summer School LinkedIn page, twitter hashtag #SDSS2014, and an online content management system that will be used during the summer school.

Local Information:

  • Cycling in the Netherlands is great. Note however that you need to be careful: Dutch cyclists are very dangerous. Don't copy them: stick to the rules. There are too many implicit rules to explain.
  • Do not walk on red lanes that look like they were made for pedestrians: they are most likely bicycle lanes! Again: Dutch cyclists are very dangerous!
  • In the Netherlands, everything starts right on time: don't be late... The only excuse you may have for being late is that the bridge was open.
  • Note that Dutch restaurants close relatively early (often already before 10pm). The Dutch normally eat round 6pm. Restaurants should be open by then. Great (lunch/bar) places to go to in Delft include the Beestenmarkt, and the area right behind the town hall. But you will find restaurants and bars all over town. Probably the cheapest place for breakfast/lunch/dinner is the Ikea (next to the Westcord hotel).
  • For accommodation, see http://conference.systemdynamics.org/accommodations/. The cheapest place to stay is the camping site near the Delftse Hout. The best place to stay is ... nevermind. For those who need to cycle from far away: there are showers in the TPM faculty.
  • For travel information, see http://conference.systemdynamics.org/venue/travel-information/. The easiest way from the Westcord to the TPM faculty: go underneath the highway, continue straight on, cross the street until you get to the water, go left and follow the water until you go underneath a bridge. Right after going under the bridge, go left and follow that street until you see the Jaffalaan on your right. Turn right: it's the second building on the left.
  • For those who get to Delft by car: be careful, parking in town is expensive and difficult (next to canals). It's much better to park your car behind the TPM faculty or right in front of the TPM faculty (Jaffalaan 5, 2628BX Delft, the Netherlands). It's free of charge! Don't park your car in the housing district adjacent to the university: you'll get a 70 euro fine for sure.
  • If you want a preview of the summer school site, see http://conference.systemdynamics.org/current/upload/sitetour.pdf. The summer school is in rooms A (ground floor), F, G, H, I, J and the cubicles next to H, I, and J (first floor to the right).
  • Note that coffee, tea and water are available to conference participants, but that any other drink needs to be paid for. The faculty bar (Dutch treat: that is, it's a cash bar) will be open for the summer school participants during the afternoon breaks and at the end of each summer school day.
  • The faculty will be closed on Saturday: don't leave anything in the building...

Information Related Activities:

  • Summer school participants who want to bridge the summer school and the ISDC are stronly recommended to participate in the PhD colloquium on Sunday 20 July 2014. The PhD colloquium is free of charge for conference participants and summer school participants. NOTE HOWEVER THAT YOU NEED TO REGISTER SEPARATELY FOR THE PHD COLLOQUIUM AT: http://student.systemdynamics.org/wp/register-for-the-2014-colloquium/
  • For anything related to the International System Dynamics conference: see http://conference.systemdynamics.org/
  • There will be a few additional activities during the PhD Colloquium, the Conference and the workshop day for summer school participants:
    • Summer school participants can present their project work at the PhD colloquium poster session on Sunday 20 July (smart boards will be provided).
    • Summer school participants can join the PhD Colloquium on Sunday 20 July for free.
    • During the workshop days, there will be a dual summer school session (graduation ceremony for those who are still there and passed the exam / project presentation) and retake exam / presentation (for those who failed the exam / project presentation).
    • Moreover, some of the supervisors agreed to keep on supervising during the conference.