Small System Dynamics Models for BIG Issues:
Triple Jump towards Real-World Dynamic Complexity

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New to SD? Here's a very brief introduction to System Dynamics:

An Open Flexible E-Book for Blended Learning with Online Materials

Although this e-book is first and foremost an electronic case book, it is much more than just a set of case descriptions: it is the backbone of an online blended-learning approach. It consists of 6 concise theory chapters, short theory videos, 6 chapters with about 90 modeling exercises and cases, many demo and feedback videos, feedback sheets for each case, 5 overall chapters with feedback, 5 chapters with multiple choice questions (with graphs or figures), hundreds of online multiple choice questions, links to onsite lectures, past exams, models, online simulators, 126 slots for new exercises and cases, and additional materials for lecturers (slides, exams, new cases). The fully hyperlinked electronic version allows students (or anybody else for that matter) to learn, in a relatively short time, how to build SD models of dynamically complex issues, simulate and analyze them, and use them to design adaptive policies and test their robustness. To those who need more than the e-book: I will give an Open Online Course from 13 January till 20 January 2014 based on the e-book (see news). This open online course is for free, but the number of participants is limited.

The Author

Erik Pruyt by Nia Palli

Dr. Erik Pruyt has been lecturing System Dynamics and other modeling courses at Delft University of Technology's Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management since 2007. Before joining Delft University of Technology, he lectured at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels where he earned his PhD. He is heavily involved in research combining SD and Exploratory Modeling and Analysis for deeply uncertain dynamically complex issues. His applied research interests include, but are not limited to, all the themes covered in this e-book (see also the Simulation Lab pages). He will, together with his TU Delft colleagues and collaborators, host the 2014 International System Dynamics Conference at Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands (see

Pictures © by Nia Palli

Erik Pruyt by Nia Palli



The e-book can be downloaded for free under Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA. Online materials are also available under the BY-NC-SA: you can use and adapt my models, but you will need to refer properly to the e-book: Pruyt, E., 2013. Small System Dynamics Models for Big Issues: Triple Jump towards Real-World Complexity. Delft: TU Delft Library. ISBN/EAN: 978-94-6186-195-5


Video introduction to the e-book / online course:

If you want to download or already downloaded the e-book, you may also watch the following video: How to use the e-book? A guided tour. [to do: replace with high quality version]

Paperback Version

A paperback version (with access to all e-materials) will be provided since a sufficient number of readers seems to be interested. If you want to be informed when the paperback version is released, then send an e-mail to: with subject title: INTERESTED IN PAPERBACK VERSION SD101.

Notes Regarding the Uploading of Online Materials

  • Nearly all basic materials are online (i.e. all models, most feedback and feedback videos, some feedback documents, lots of exams, printable cases, some background chapters, etc.). However, some additional materials still need to be uploaded.
  • Unfortunately, one needs to be enrolled on Blackboard (not necessarily in this course) to be able to do the online MCQs: self-study and non-TUDelft students cannot access those MCQs. I am currently trying several options to make them available to everyone.
  • Some recordings are of rather low quality because I recorded them at home. When I find the time, I will replace these recordings with high quality ones.