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Please report problems to smallSDmodels at gmail dot com.

Problems related to the FOURTH version of the e-book (dd.21 October 2013)

  • Pending problems with the online materials (see next item)

Problems related to the THIRD version of the e-book (dd.10 October 2013)

  • Pending problems with the online materials (see next item)

  • Ex6.6 Gangs and Arms Races -- typos in Q1: Suppose that gang A overassesses the arming of gang B by 10%, i.e. the overassessment factor of gang B arming by gang A is 110%, and that gang B correctly assesses the arming of gang A, i.e. the overassessment factor of gang A arming by gang B is 100%. IDEM Q2. [This is solved in the fourth version.]

Pending problems related to the Online Materials:

  • Online Multiple Choice Questions: Unfortunately, one needs to be enrolled on Blackboard (not necessarily in this course) to be able to do the online MCQ tests and access the MCQ banks. Hence, self-study students and non-TUDelft students cannot access those MCQs. I will make pdf versions available in due time.

  • Bad quality recordings: Some of the recordings are of rather bad quality due to technical problems and rather bad bandwidth quality at my place. Recordings are also a bit delayed because of these technical problems. I'm working on it: after I finish recording the remainder of the videos, I will make new recordings of all the blurry and noisy videos. Some profesional recordings will also be made later this year.
  • Many online materials still need to be added: basic materials should have been loaded by 19 October 2013.

Problems related to the SECOND version of the e-book (1.0 dd.30 August 2013)

  • In ex10.4 First Order Material & Information Delays, Information1In should be equal to (In1 - Information1 )/Delay Time. This error has been fixed in the 10/10/2013 version.
  • The links in the description of ex10.14 Verification and Debugging did not work. Although if you opened the model link (click on the paperclip) you got a ZIP file with models for debugging. In the new version, I added a lot of debugging exercises in a new zip file/folder on 2 October 2013.
  • The links within the descriptions of the exercises/cases were not activated. This has been remedied in the third version.
  • Some to all links in chapters 14 and 18 link to the models/feedback sheets/... of the previous exercise, links within some exercises do not work properly, and not all online materials are linked to. Fixed in the 10/10/2013 version.

Problems related to the FIRST version of the e-book (0.9 dd. 1 August 2013)

  • Deactivated external links. Have been activated in the second version (30/08/2013).
  • Some typos. Have been corrected in the second version (30/08/2013).