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The SD102 Project Track

Apart from basic modeling and simulation skills, it takes practice and real-world experience to become a SD practitioner. The best way to build these skills is by being supervised and coached on the job (for years) or on your own project by great supervisors/coaches during the summer school. This track runs in parallel to the SD101 Track. Supervisors involved in this track include Andrew Ford & George Papachristos as well as Erik Pruyt & Len Malczynski. Vensim, and Powersim, and possibly Stella, are actively supported.

Basic/intermediate modelling skills are tested at the start of the course, for since basic/intermediate skills are really needed to participate in the SD102 Project Track. Projects will be presented at the end of the summer school to all intermediate/advanced students. Students also get the opportunity to present their project work at the PhD Colloquium on Sunday. Retake presentations could be scheduled during the workshop day (Thursday 24 July).